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Global Parcel Delivery is a top ten global logistics company. We run our business as one highly integrated network of people, technology and physical assets in 195 countries, with over 191,000 employees and 19,444 locations. We use our network to help customers manage their goods more efficiently throughout their supply chains.Our company has two reporting segments: transportation and logistics. Within these segments, our business is well diversified by geographies, verticals and types of service. Most important, we’ve hired top shelf talent – seasoned operators and executives who know how to help our more than 450,000 customers improve productivity and reduce costs.As companies, organizations and individuals increasingly turn to Global Parcel Delivery for supply chain solutions and courier services, we empower our employees to deliver world-class customer service through our information technology. We have a global team of approximately 1,600 IT professionals who understand how to drive innovation for the benefit of our customers. We’ve built a highly scalable and integrated platform using on-cloud technology that differentiates Global Parcel Delivery across all lines of business and enables rapid development. Today, Global Parcel Delivery is on the radar in every industry that requires transportation or logistics. We’re working closely with customers to look at their entire supply chains, from point of origin to the end-consumer/final destination, to identify the opportunities. This collaborative approach is a major reason why customers trust us with an average of 6,160,000 shipments and over seven billion inventory units every day.

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At Global Parcel Delivery, we work closely with companies to look at the entire supply chain and identify opportunities. This approach could lead to an end-to-end
solution that transforms your entire supply chain, or you may need just one of our many services. In either case, we can customize solutions that
fit seamlessly into the way you operate, making your company/project/task more efficient and reducing your costs. Our collaboration will be ongoing —
we will always be exploring new and better ways to help you succeed.

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We provide the best freight and transport services.

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Our Values

Our values rally us together behind your business success.Our values are not just buzz words – they help form the foundation for how we run our business. They serve as the guide for how we plan, implement, and execute our business strategies aimed at fulfilling our vision and mission.

Our Vision

Accelerating commerce through the world’s most powerful supply chain platform. Our vision is to create a profitable and sustainable transportation and logistics services business model that creates opportunities for the people in our sphere of influence; customers, employees, drivers, and vendors, to prosper in all facets of their lives.

our mission

Our Mission is to become the number one transportation and logistics services provider in the world by offering our customers a best in class transportation solution which specializes in time definite, mission critical freight. Our people, processes, and technology improve the world’s transportation and supply chains, delivering exceptional value to our customers and suppliers.